Volume II February 1, 2024 Issue 2

Baker Falls Dispatch

All the news, if you can believe it

Jeffrey Lewis performs at our AntiFolk night

New Colossus Brings the Happy Hour

The New Colossus Festival will be hosting happy hour with us every Friday starting this week… For the kickoff, the guest DJ will be Kanine Records co-founder/owner Lio Kanine with 2 for 1 Super Bock beers from 4pm to 8pm. Super Bock does amazing garage rock festivals in Portugal that have featured bands who’ve played at Baker Falls, so we know they have good taste.

What new bands will you discover this year at New Colossus 2024? Probably at least a few because it’s the week BEFORE they get to South by Southwest.

Baker Falls
Retail Fair
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Sunday February 11th

Retail Fair @ Baker Falls

We are moving forward with our Retail Weekend Fairs beginning on Sunday, February 11th from noon to 5pm. Walk around and have a coffee or day drink while browsing curated booths and stalls and exploring the Baker Falls ecosystem.

This will be Etsy IRL, as you can chat with Makers and Creators, interact with the goods in real life, and meet human beings… all while hearing our in-house playlists setting the vibe. Maybe Comic Book Guy will be there, plus vintage clothing “recommerce” Vinyl/CD record exchanges, and more.

If you want to sell your passion project at the Fair, email [email protected] with a brief description and a few photos of what you would showcase at your table.

Making a Splash: Dead Brains in the Feverdream

While all the music has been happening upstairs in The Knitting Factory live room, we hosted our theatrical residency downstairs for Erik Champney’s play Dead Brains in the Feverdream Lounge. Check out a lovely review of the play and the venue from one of the few downtown legacy newspapers that still comes out in print: The Village Sun.

Fun fact: the antique pump lamp circled in the photo is from lifelong East Village resident Alex Story, whose father made it. Thanks to Alex for the lamp, and for writing us a letter of recommendation with the Community Board so we could program cool shit again at 101 AVE A NYC 10009.

With only three performances left, you don’t want to miss your chance to see this fantastic play. Buy tickets today.

Cocaine Chic

We recently took a last walk-through of the Cocaine Chic atrium before it was demolished and lost forever. It was a public space built in 1989 at 60 Wall Street (yes, Wall Street + cocaine) (yes, “Cocaine Decor” is an architectural term). We met the folks of Open House New York and can’t wait to collaborate with them in the Baker Falls space. Also, we will now refer to ourselves as “Urbanists.”

So much more to come, keep checking in…and remember: Downtown is a State of Mind.