Volume II February 8, 2024 Issue 4

Baker Falls Dispatch

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The Story of the Ancient Cubes

In the woods you come across giant timeless boulders moved slowly by glaciers over eons and now just placed randomly resting on the ground 10,000 years after the glaciers receded. But in the last 200 years, we’ve invented big machines to manipulate the land and move boulders out of the way to build the greatest city in the world. Sorry boulders, we just wanna dance.

When we first got the keys to 101 AVE A NYC 10009, there were boulders from the before times of the Pyramid Club, where patrons like Ru Paul and Lady Bunny would stand upon them and start metaphorical fires. In fact, there were too many of these “dance cubes”… so we had to find good homes for them.

Our old pal Ana Copa Cabana put us in touch with kindred spirits Sari from Rubulad—the fantastic community space in Bushwick—and off the cubes went to bring joy to another borough. But at Baker Falls, one cube remains…
Baker Falls
Retail Fair
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Sunday February 11th

It’s finally time to break out that last dance cube.

This Friday, The House of Feelings Presents: No Hard Feelings with the East Village’s own Julia Cumming on the decks throughout the show. In case you haven’t picked up on this yet…you can bring your friends and dance. Buy tickets now.

And if you have a good idea for a new kind of dance environment, drop us a line at [email protected]. We’re a collaborative, open-minded bunch.

Retail Fair @ Baker Falls

We are moving forward with our Retail Weekend Fairs beginning on Sunday, February 11th from noon to 5pm. Walk around and have a coffee or day drink while browsing curated booths and stalls and exploring the Baker Falls ecosystem.

This will be Etsy IRL, as you can chat with Makers and Creators, interact with the goods in real life, and meet human beings… all while hearing our in-house playlists setting the vibe. Maybe Comic Book Guy will be there, plus vintage clothing “recommerce” Vinyl/CD record exchanges, and more.

If you want to sell your passion project at the Fair, email [email protected] with a brief description and a few photos of what you would showcase at your table.

Other Weekend Pleasures

Our first weekly Happy Hour mixer with New Colossus and Super Bock hits the Feverdream at 4pm on Friday. Come in for 2-for-1 Bock cans and well drinks.

And this Sunday don’t forget to swing by 101 AVE A from noon to 5pm for coffee and day drinks as you browse our Makers, Zines, Clothing, and Mustache Wax(!) from Brooklyn bee hives at our first Retail Market.

Vendors, we still have a couple slots available, shoot us “what you got” at [email protected].

PS: Lille (our Head of Retail) made the sick flier above by cutting out letters from our Bartender Angus’ old wrestling print magazines. Didn’t we tell you we’re a collaborative, open-minded bunch?

The Week Ahead

Friday, February 9: The House of Feelings Presents: No Hard Feelings
Saturday, February 10: Marjorine // Bard’s Flying Vessel
Sunday, February 11: Dead Brains: A Psychosexual Thriller
Monday, February 12: The Antihoot Reboot (No Cover)
Thursday, February 15 (8:30 pm): Amanda Adams // Dallas Wax // Stefani Bondari
Thursday, February 15 (11:30 pm): Pyramid Schemes (w/ DJ SHH! & DJ FKA KRIS DFA)