Volume I May 18, 2023 Issue 3

Baker Falls Dispatch

All the news, if you can believe it

Now that you have found us, you can get to know us.

We’ll be launching a new website and offering ways to join our community and inhabit Baker Falls (as a nomad, a local or kin—you can decide for yourself)…

But for now, here are some moods and vibes:

Humans imprint on nature, sometimes good and sometimes bad…just as your life experiences imprint on your memories.

Perfectly imperfect…or beauty in imperfection…wabi-sabi or some other mystical shit (as King Missile might say). Baker Falls will be about creating memories while losing perspective and losing time. It will be about dimensions and portals…things that distort your memory when your entire life is not captured on social media feeds forever.

Living life, seeing bands, telling stories, crafting hazy older experiences into more interesting tales…fluidity of time and space…linear and non-linear…flat and three-dimensional…old and new…

This photo above was taken a few weeks ago at 101 Avenue A once we took down the back wall behind the stage.

Surely the arches above the window pre-date the Pyramid Club, but who added the rest and why? That story has been lost…or maybe it hasn’t, maybe there is a faded newsprint article explaining the windows were shot out during a heated debate while it was a union meeting hall, or maybe someone threw a beer stein out the window as a Bavarian gathering space in the late 1800s? Maybe Tito Puente blew the windows out rippin’ it up when it was The New Rican Village where Eddie Figueroa wanted a stage to support a “Puerto Rican Renaissance” on the L.E.S.

But who filled in that window and why? Is there a rapacious Harpy imprisoned behind the wall…doesn’t really matter, just make up your own story for it, or follow ours…

Above is a ghostly shadow hand reaching out to the bricks like the most ancient form of cave painting: when early Neanderthal’s decided there might be an after-world or another realm…

Look up and you’ll see the ancient beams and brick window arches are still there, but the reality of current soundproofing technology means they are frozen in time for another era or space in time…

While Baker Falls is part ancient and part contemporary, 101 Avenue A is going to be “many things to different people” or maybe “different things to many people”…it is hard to say at this point. When we open this summer, it will be you that breathes life into our walls…any way you see fit.

How I remember it:

Here is a quote that I made up based on what folks that were at the Pyramid Club in the 80s told me:

“Hey RuPaul, we’ll book your band, come up from Atlanta with the rest of the folks in your punk band Wee Wee Hole and after the band leaves you can live in the basement til you get settled in New York.” (If you hang out at Baker Falls you can ask an older person from downtown about it.)

Ask yourself: can I watch this entire YouTube video, or just 20 seconds? I am pretty sure if you were in that crowd at that live show you would have watched the whole set and been blown away.

Thank you for indulging us, and next time we are hoping to announce some acts that we teased out in the title of this dispatch.