Volume I March 13, 2023 Issue 1

Baker Falls Dispatch

All the news, if you can believe it

Punchlove at New Colossus Festival NYC 2023

Welcome to Baker Falls

A new community-based, all-inclusive cafe/bar/performance venue rises from the ashes of the historic Pyramid Club in New York City’s East Village, manifesting Summer of 2023. It will be a face-to-face mystical vibe that plays out in a hamlet called Baker Falls (pop. 298).

We will be inspired by the spirits of the space where RuPaul, Lady Bunny, and other beings of the night lurked under the floorboards, crafting their looks before hitting the stage for their first drag shows…where Andy Warhol hosted transmissions on MTV…where Madonna and Keith Haring rubbed elbows—and other body parts—with the downtown punks…and where Nirvana played their first New York show cheered on by Iggy Pop—it was a legendary night, but the band felt it went so badly, bassist Krist Novoselic shaved his head out of shame…

A Town Like No Other

Nestled deep in the woods, Baker Falls is a gathering place full of surprises:

Plants that can be heard whispering.
Howling winds that smell of vanilla bean.
Waterfalls that defy gravity.

You will hear people who’ve come from all over the world to perform their music.
You will discover handcrafted food and drinks.
You might stumble upon a decrepit subterranean hideaway and slip into a Fever Dream if you are permitted to wander down at the right time.
Anyone can pass through this scene…or sign up to become a resident and enjoy all the village has to offer.

It’s the ultimate break from the virtual world, where the forest spirits will make you feel more alive than ever before.

Music Returns

In a post-COVID world, concerts are very much back, but the old music venue model is in jeopardy. Clubs across the country went broke and disappeared during quarantine, and many more were saved only by a federal government bailout. Baker Falls will be something different. Backed by our partners perched along an ancient river at the paddle-wheeled Knitting Factory, an ever-changing community grows and grows. You won’t find it on a map…although we have always been here. The story begins now.

The road to Baker Falls (photo by Judy Bodor)

What’s Next?

You have already discovered the path into town.

To find out what’s on the calendar, become a resident, and watch/read/listen to the latest…keep an eye out for the next dispatch.

In the meantime, read what New York Magazine has to say about Baker Falls:

“The East Village Is Getting Its First New Rock Club in Decades”